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Shantou City Chenghai Weinuo plastic professional engaged in the production and sale of plastic packaging products, with China's large-scale injection molding factory have close relations of cooperation, joint research and development of high technology content of products. Our company to market demand as the guide, to meet the different sectors of plastic logistics apparatus for the difference, diversification needs, has developed a total of more than one hundred varieties of. Product color bright, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, fine ingredients, scientific processing, durable, best-selling all over the country, in the clothing, plastic, hardware, machinery, electronics, instrumentation, food, aquatic products, tobacco, chemical, pharmaceutical, three-dimensional warehousing and other industries have been widely used. Companies to pursue the "customer first, service and thoughtful" principle, and strive for the modern enterprise standard logistics, save space, reduce costs, improve efficiency, explore third profit source to provide the most perfect product support, dedicated to provide customers with quality service. Genuine goods, variety complete, company 10 years to has been the support and trust of our customers, looking to the future, billion liters of all staff is willing to provide you with better, more attentive service!